Saturday, April 2, 2011

I am crazy!! So?

Hey semua peng skodeng di dunia ini~ Tengs sbb sudi membace blog aku nip. Aku tau rmai owg kt sj da bce blog aku tapi xnk follow. Ap la.. Alang2 bace uh g la follow skali? Biar bertambah follower aku!. Hari ni aku hepi giler la sial.. Ahkirnye buda2 Silat Gayong dapat membuktikan yg kite lebih hebat dari Jayamas dalam main bola!!! Kite menang 2-1 lepas mase tambahan.. Ader gak kontroversinye lepas 1 gol jayamas x dikire sbb offside! 2 yg drng mara giler uh.. Haha.. Lantak korang la.. Jnji aku tau tid drng xdpt bnyk chance nk serang. Defence team aku power sngt. 1 gol uh pun nasib sbb goalkeeper aku bangang sngt g naik ke depan pastu gol~ Ngok... Jnji menang la beb.. Jayamas x power!!!1 Bile2 mase nak ajak lawan Silat Gayong x takot la wey! Give your best shot bebeh!

Hey2.. It`s time of the day again to complain about your life in english!!! Today i wanna tell you all about my mom`s boyfriend.. He`s a fucking shit idiot and like to bully people around and thinks he`s the most nice person ever live~ Fuck you lah! Go somewhere else!! When i see him i always remember about my second stepdad.. He`s the one who made me so fucking hate a stepdad.. Grrr... Now i have to face a fat ugly pig every day in my house! Shit lah!.. Money is a hard thing to get now.. I don`t know what my mom does with all the money that my father gave.. Every day we eat sardines and eggs~ I`m bored with it... And my pocket money is also taken away from me.. Where`s all the money that my father gave? She ate it or what?.. I pity my brother who has a birhtday last 30th march.. Not a word from my mother.. She din`t even wish happy birhtday!! Fuck you lah... My life din`t get any better ever since the story of my life went out on paper.. It`ll never get any better... :(

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